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GFP15M -- Ground Fault Receptacles and Portable Unit

While conventional 3 wire grounding is essential to electrical safety on board any boat, it cannot protect against minute line-to-ground faults that cannot activate protective devices such as fuses or circuit breakers. Conventional overcurrent protection

Product Specifications
 Product Type  Ground Fault Receptacles and Portable Units
 GFCI Style  Portable
 Portable GFCI Style  4 Outlet Portable
 Rating  15A 125V, 2p3w
 Blade Type  Straight Blade
 Receptacle Type  Standard
 Poles and Wires  2 Pole, 3 Wire Grounding
 Trip Level  4-6 miliamps
 Trip Time  .025 seconds nominal
 Frequency  60 Hertz nominal
 Voltage  120 volts +10%, -15%
 Max Interrupting Capacity  2,000 amperes
 Max Humidity  0.95
 Approvals  UL
 UPC Number  78358552105
 Weight in LBs  3.45
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