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HLD2 -- PLUGOUTŪ Lockout Device

Large Yellow Lockout Device

Product Specifications
 Product Type  Lockout Devices for Electrical Safety
 Lockout Version  Large
 Accommodates  20, 30 and 60A Metallic and Non-Metallic Pin & Sleeve, Hubbellock and Twist-lock Plugs
 Regulation  Lockout, Plugout, Keyed Plugout and Switchout safety devices provide an approved method of complying with OSHA Lockout/Tagout regulation 29CFR 1910.149
 Housing  UV stabilized polypropylene, heavy metal free colorant.
 Optional Storage Postition  Stores on cable when not in use.
 Color  High Visibility Yellow
 Instructional Information  Permanently molded into housing.
 Ambient Operating Temperature  140° F to -20° F (60° C to -29° C)
 Plug Accommodation  1.90" (48.3) min. 4.50" (114.3) max.
 Plug Length  10.15" (257.8) max.
 Cord  1.45" (36.8) max.
 Maximum # of Padlocks  4 Locks, 3/8" (9.5) shackle dia.
 UPC Number  78358500186
 Weight in LBs  1.3
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