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MB2003W -- Pin and Sleeve Products

Metallic Back Box, Pin and Sleeve Insulgrip, Box, 4-Way, 200A, 2"

Product Specifications
 Product Type  
 Accessory Item  Metallic Back Box
 For Use With  200A Insulgrip Devices
 Back Box  Four Way 15 Degree Angle
 Box Hub Size  2" NPT
 Hinge Spring  Stainless Steel (300 series)
 Assembly Screws  Stainless Steel (300 series)
 Gaskets  Neoprene
 Certification  UL Listed, CSA Certified
 Dielectric Withstand Voltage  Withstands 3,000V AC
 Max Working Voltage  600V AC RMS
 Current Interrupting  Certified for current interrupting at full rated current.
 Short Circuit Withstand  Suitable for use on a circuit capable of delivering not more than 10,000 RMS symmetrical amperes at the voltage rating of the receptacle.
 Endurance  Mechanical: 10,000 cycles, Electrical: 6,000 cycles.
 Impact Resistance  In accordance with UL746C
 Terminal Identification  Terminals identified in accordance with North American and International conventions.
 Product Identification  Identification and ratings are a part of the external label and molded into the receptacle mount.
 Ingress Protection  IP67 Suitability
 Flammability  UL94-5VA and V-0 classification.
 Operating Temperatures  Maximum Continuous: 75 C; Minimum Continuous: -40 C w/o impact.
 UV Resistance  All materials are UV Stabilized.
 Certifications  UL Listed, CSA Certified.
 Device Description  These boxes are made of cast aluminum, suitable for IP54 requirements, and are finished with enamel paint. These boxes withstand a 500-hour salt spray test as well as UL raintight and external icing tests.
 UPC Number  78358501164
 Weight in LBs  11.55
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