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S1PTFIT -- SystemOne Fire-Rated Poke-Through Fitting, Three-Piece, Dual Channel Aluminum

Hubbell SystemOne is an innovative system that provides consumers with the flexibility to create personal solutions for the most demanding multi-service applications for both flush in-floor boxes and fire-rated poke-throughs. Hubbell SystemOne features a unique universal cover assembly and a wide variety of application sub-plates that install on both Hubbell flush floor boxes and fire-rated poke-throughs. Now, whatever the application, Hubbell SystemOne delivers a consistent, aesthetic and functional solution for applications "in-the-floor" or "through-the-floor" for power, voice, data, and AV requirements.

Product Specifications
 SystemOne FRPT Application  Thru-Floor Fitting Dual Channel
 Unit Package  Single
 Order Quantity  Carton of 1
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  • Accepts all Hubbell SystemOne covers and sub-plates.
  • Excellent solution for both retrofit and new construction.
  • Brings power, voice, data and multimedia precisely where needed.
  • Installs in 4 inch core hole.
  • UL listed for use in 1-4 hour fire rated floors.
  • UL installation spacing. Minimum 2 ft. on center and not more than one per 65 sq. ft. of floor area.
  • Approved for use in the City of Chicago.
  • Available with integral power junction box.
  • Through floor fitting with two 1" E.M.T. trade size conduit stems to feed power and communication services
  • For use with Hubbell SystemOne universal covers and all Hubbell sub-plates except S1SP4X4 and S1SPTL series.
  • Universal cover and sub-plate ordered separately.

  • Step down installation clips allow the fitting to be installed or removed from the floor above.
  • Fire barrier expands during fire conditions to maintain the floor’s fire rating.Adjustable lower fire barrier accommodates concrete floor thicknesses from 2.25" to 7".
  • Features E.M.T. conduit tubes for increased cable capacity.

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