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S1CFB -- SystemOne Floor Box, Cast Iron with Non-Metallic Riser

Hubbell SystemOne is an innovative system that provides consumers with the flexibility to create personal solutions for the most demanding multi-service applications for both flush in-floor boxes and fire-rated poke-throughs. Hubbell SystemOne features a unique universal cover assembly and a wide variety of application sub-plates that install on both Hubbell flush floor boxes and fire-rated poke-throughs. Now, whatever the application, Hubbell SystemOne delivers a consistent, aesthetic and functional solution for applications "in-the-floor" or "through-the-floor" for power, voice, data, and AV requirements.

Product Specifications
 SystemOne Floor Box Application  Cast Iron, Concrete
 Unit Package  Single
 Order Quantity  Carton of 1
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  • Non-metallic riser.
  • The Cast Iron Floor Box construction provides durability and corrosion resistance for on-grade applications.
  • Oversized 1.5" N.P.T. threaded conduit access holes for low voltage.
  • 1" N.P.T. threaded conduit access holes for power.
  • Easily installed, aesthetic and configurable floor box solution for open floor plans that require both power and data services.
  • The Hubbell SystemOne Universal Cover mounts directly to the floor box riser, eliminating the need for an additional adapter collar.
  • Convenient cubic inch (cm3) capacity markings on interior of box.
  • Leveling feet provide before pour adjustability.
  • PVC riser allows a simple saw cut for adjustment after pour.
  • Supplied with concrete cover and closure plugs (where applicable).
  • Designed to accommodate multi-service applications with the wide offering of Hubbell SystemOne Sub-Plates.
  • Provides an economical, easy to install in-floor delivery system for large, open plan spaces.
  • Supplied with concrete cover, conduit reducers and conduit hub plugs.

  • The Hubbell SystemOne Universal Cover features SCRUBSHIELD™ technology that exceeds UL514A and UL514C scrub water exclusion requirements.
  • Min. Depth of Pour: 3.50" (88.9)
  • Adjustability: Full
  • Cubic Inch (cm3) Capacity: 156.0 cu. in. (2556.4 cm3)
  • Dimensions - A: 3.00" (76.2)
  • Dimensions - B: 7.26" (184.4)
  • Dimensions - C: 7.45" (189.2)
  • Dimensions - D (Inside Diameter): 5.00" (127.0)
  • Power Entries: 1" N.P.T. Access Holes
  • Data Entries: 1.5" N.P.T. Access Holes
  • Concrete Cover Included
  • Closure Plugs Included
  • Accepts Hubbell SystemOne Universal Cover
  • Cover Mounting Clips Included
  • Non-Metallic Low Voltage Divider Included (S1DIV1)
  • Listings: UL File No. E92074, CSA File No. LR18416.
  • Approved for use in the City of Chicago.

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