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Catalog Disclaimer
Friday, November 24, 2017
General Information For Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and OEM Applications

Precautions have been taken to assure accuracy of the information in this electronic catalog. Typographic or pictorial errors that are brought to our attention will be corrected in subsequent issues.

Product dimensions in this electronic catalog are nominal and are provided for the convenience of our customers. Bryant reserves the right to make product changes from time to time, without prior notification, which may change the dimensions shown. We therefore recommend they be checked before using for customer projects or product development and specification.

The designs and dimensions of the products listed in this electronic catalog were correct at the date of publication and are subject to change without notice.

All configuration diagrams shown in the various sections of the electronic catalog are female devices (receptacles, connector bodies, etc.) unless otherwise indicated.

No material will be accepted for return unless permission is granted in writing by this Company. All orders received for special items and engraved pates are accepted as firm orders and are non-cancelable by the customer.

Claims for freight charges or allowances of any kind will no be considered after 30 days from receipt of goods and our responsibility ceases when we have delivered such shipments to the carriers and hold their receipts.

"Safety Devices" listed in this electronic catalog contain certain features that provide an additional level of protection for personnel and/or equipment. They are applicable to certain environments and may be required for code compliance. Features of these devices will not provide protection against abuse, misuse, improper installation or maintenance. It is important that the installation, operation and maintenance be performed in accordance with instructions supplied with this device. Electricity and electrical devices must always be treated with caution and respect.

Trademarks The following registered trademarks of Bryant Electrical Products are your assurance of the highest quality wiring devices and wiring management products in the industry.

Bryant® Wiring Devices
Tech-Spec® Devices
GFR® Receptacles
Studio-Tech® Devices
C-Thru® Angle Plugs
Safety Shutter® Receptacles
Triple-Gripper® Plugs and Connectors
Motion Switch® Occupancy Sensor
Quadplex® Receptacles
Circuit Watch Surge Suppression Devices
Fashion Series 9000 Receptacles and Switches
Plugbox Lockout Devices

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