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Watertight IEC 309 Pin and Sleeve Connector Body.

Product Specifications
 Pin and Sleeve Style  Watertight.
 Rating Type  North American.
 Amperage  60A
 Poles and Wires  3 Pole, 4 Wire.
 Voltage  3ph 600V AC
 Device Type  Connector.
 Color  Black.
 Housing  Toughened Nylon.
 Cover Arm  Toughened Nylon.
 Cover Ring  Polycarbonate.
 Cover Spring  Stainless Steel.
 Seals/Gaskets  Neoprene., EPDM, TPE.
 Contact Carrier  Glass reinforced Nylon.
 Terminal Cover  Toughened Nylon.
 Phase/Ground Sleeves  Brass.
 Sleeve Spring  Nickel Plated Spring Steel.
 Hinge Pin  Brass.
 Terminal Screws  Plated Steel.
 Cord Clamp Assembly  Toughened Nylon.
 Gland Nut  Toughened Nylon.
 Cord Gland  Neoprene.
 Gland Friction Washer  Plated Carbon Steel
 Assembly Screws  Stainless Steel.
 Dielectric Voltage Withstand  2,200 Volts, Plug and Connector.
 Max Working Voltage  600V AC
 Spacings  1/4" Minimum creepage and clearance per UL 1682.
 Current Interrupting  Certified for current interrupting at full rated current where applicable per UL 1682.
 Temperature Rise  Less than 30 deg. C temperature rise at full rated current after 50 cycles of overload tested at 150% of rated current a .75 PF.
 Endurance  Up to 5,000 connect and disconnect cycles at full rated current and voltage per UL 1682.
 Impact Resistance  After 6 hours at -25 deg. C, 8 drops from 2 1/2' with 7 1/2' cord.
 Mechanical Crush Test  250 lbs. Force for 1 minute after 6 hours at -25 deg. C.
 Terminal Identification  Terminals identified in accordance with North American Codes.
 Product Identification  Catalog number and rating indicated on product.
 Moisture Resistance  Submerged 24 hours at 2" below water surface.
 Flammability (Enclosure)  V2 minimum per UL 94.
 Operating Temperature  Maximum Continuous 95 deg. C with impact, minimum continuous -40 deg. C without impact.
 Moisture Protection  IP67
 Polarization Integrity  Mating devices will not energize ground if polarization feature is removed and 40 lbs. Force is applied.
 UL Listing  Meets UL 1682 and 1686 requirements.
 CSA Listing  CSA certified C22.2 No. 182-1 - 1988.
 IEC  Complies with IEC 309-1 and 309-2 International Standards for singly-rated non-interchangeable configurations.
 Conforms to:  Conforms to UL 1686 (pin & sleeve configurations).
 Dimension A- in (mm)  4.29" (110)
 Dimension B- in (mm)  10.61" (272"
 Dimension C- in (mm)  4.43" (113.5)
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